Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020 conference is a carbon neutral event
By January 17, 2020 17:31

Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020 conference is a carbon neutral event

The 9th Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020, jointly organised by Aviation News (Ireland) Ltd and Aviation News Ltd in the UK (collectively “Aviation News”), is one of the largest annual conferences in Ireland with more than 3,600 delegates. The four-day event takes place around St Stephen’s Green beginning on the evening of Sunday January 19, 2020, with a welcome reception at The Shelbourne Hotel.  

Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020 brings together more airlines, lessors, aviation finance professionals and traders than any other aviation finance event anywhere in the globe. The event supplies more than €3m in direct spend to the Irish economy every January.   

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In 2020, the 9th Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020 conference has completely deleted the carbon footprint of the event, fully certified by the Carbon Footprint Standard. Although it is relatively simple and inexpensive to carbon neutralise a conference, but Aviation News, with the support of Engine Lease Finance, has also included in its carbon calculations all of the flights of its delegates and sponsors – including two private jet flights from the US – taxi journeys and hotel stays for the duration of the event. The total carbon footprint for conference delegates has been completely offset. 

Aviation News has utilised only Gold standard projects to offset the carbon footprint of Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020

  1. Aviation News is planting 500 trees in the UK around schools and hospitals. 
  2. Aviation News is offsetting 700 tonnes of C02e through the UN-backed Brazilian Amazon verified carbon standard (VCS) reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) project. 
  3. Aviation News is planting 200 trees in Kenya through a UN-backed women in employment scheme. 
  4. Aviation News is supplying 300 fuel efficient cookstoves for North Darfur women through a UN-backed program to restrict the use of rainforest for firewood.
  5. Aviation News is supplying cash to offset 400 tonnes of C02e to the Ugandan borehole rehabilitation project. This rehabilitation and maintenance project in Lango sub-region of Uganda will be the very first program to implement the new gender equality methodology from the UN Goldstandard. 
  6. Aviation News is offsetting 600 tonnes of C02e to provide 600 solar powered cookers to the Heqing Solar Cooker Project in Northwest China to prevent the need for coal to be burned. This will directly assist households across the region and lower emissions at the same time. 
  7. Aviation News is offsetting a massive 4,100 tonned of C02e investing in a charity backed by the ACME Group solar power project in India supporting the installation of grid-connected solar PV cells supplying energy directly into the Indian National Grid, part of the project also provides sustainable employment bring families out of poverty. 

Philip Tozer-Pennington, managing director and co-owner of Aviation News, says: “We are very proud to be the first aviation conference to fully offset the carbon emissions generated by our event and our delegates, while also continuing to benefit the Irish economy every January. Aviation is at the forefront of the battle against climate change and the industry is beginning to work together in a meaningful way to reduce emissions by advancing technology to ensure the longevity of air travel, which connects the world, providing efficient trans-ocean transportation, and fosters globalisation while also enhancing world GDP.”
By January 17, 2020 17:31