Airline Economics and KPMG are delighted to present our latest annual Aviation Leaders Report 2023: New Horizons.

Every year Airline Economics and KPMG studies the opinions and experiences of the leading individuals within the commercial aviation finance and leasing industry to consider the performance of the sector over the past year and a look ahead to the next.

2022 continued to be a struggle for many airlines and lessors dealing with the long tail from the pandemic shock event that grounded the industry. Within this report and the accompanying video interviews, we examine the views of industry leaders across the airline, banking and leasing community, with input from rating agencies and analysts covering the sector, to determine airline performance across 2022 and the continued resurgence in passenger demand. Challenges around aviation finance are also examined in the context of a rising interest rate environment, as well as the continued importance of aircraft leasing as a financing tool. With a fair degree of M&A activity in the leasing sector over the past few years, the importance of scale is examined. We also ask how the industry is approaching the ever-present challenges towards decarbonisation and a better ESG profile.

Despite the rising headwinds and lingering impact of the global pandemic, the outlook is broadly positive. The industry has proven its resilience through the worst macroeconomic shock and air travel demand has returned boosting the recovery.  

Thank you to all those aviation leaders who gave their time and input for this sixth annual Aviation Leaders Report 2023: New Horizons.