Argentine photographer Federico Winer’s ultradistance satellite art project is a long-term artistic experiment where he harnesses high-definition satellite images to create impactful works that unfold against the canvas of terrestrial cartography.

Winer’s work has traversed galleries, festivals, and installations, both public and private, worldwide, garnering significant interest from major media outlets and giving rise to a recognized artistic movement referred to by critics as “satellite art.”

The Voyager series, a key component of the project, had the honour of being invited by Google to join the Google Earth program during its 2017 update. Winer crafted four stories that enabled users to embark on thematic journeys through iconic Earth locations using his ultradistance images.

For Winer, his Airport Series, also a part of Google Earth, arguably represents the most refined expression of his entire project and indeed marked its inception. “In this series, I create pieces that magnify and highlight the beauty of the geometries and architectures that constitute our airports when viewed from the artistic perspective of satellites,” he explains.

The photographs are transformed into artworks up to 2 meters in size as expensive Fine Art pieces for collectors, as well as giant reproductions installed in airports worldwide, turning them into visual museums. The project seeks not only to explore the artistic possibilities of satellite images but also to open a new window for appreciating the beauty and complexity of the planet from a unique vantage point.

With waiting lists for custom commissioned artworks, the Ultradistance series turns the entire world into a canvas and casts an avid eye on our planet. It focuses on the imprint left by our human activities and the beauty that the deterritorialized gaze of our technical devices exerts upon us.

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