The Asia-Pacific aviation have continued to experience strong recovery in air travel with passenger demand tracking upwards rapidly during the second quarter of this year. Although the region has only restored to within 85% of pre-pandemic levels, the outlook is strong with capacity continuing to be ramped up in response to the robust return of air travel.  Outside of China, passenger numbers are recovering strong with some regions outpacing pre-pandemic levels. Now with China traffic coming back stringy, the region is poised for even further growth.

Please cast your votes for companies located in the Asia-Pacific region that deserve to be awarded for their efforts and performance over the past 12 months to October 10, 2023?

The Airline Economics Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Awards recognises the year’s most outstanding performers in the commercial aviation industry in the Americas region.

The survey, launched today, asks the industry to share its opinions for the best performing airline, lessor, MRO, parts company, bank and law firm, operating in the Asia-Pacific region, during the 12 months to October 10, 2023. We also ask you to nominate the foremost CEO/Industry Leader and CFO/Treasury Team in the region.

Click here to vote now or past this link into your browser. https://www.research.net/r/AEAsiaPacific2023

When casting your vote and/or making your nomination, please consider the company’s financial and operational performance as well as the success of management’s execution of strategic plan and ambitions for future growth.

Thank you for taking the time to cast your vote. The survey closes on October 10, 2023.

The Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Awards will be announced at a gala awards dinner during the Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Singapore conference on October 18, 2023 and in Airline Economics magazine, Issue 77 (published in December 2023).

For more information click the following link for details on the Asia-Pacific Airline Economics 2023 awards and criteria for casting your votes: >> Download – 2023 Aviation 100 Awards Americas Nomination Entry Form

Nominations are now open for the Aviation 100 Americas Deals of the Year 2023.

All of our regional and overall awards present Deals of the Year awards to the most outstanding finance and leasing deals closed in the previous 12 months period. The categories being considered for the  Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Deals of the Year Awards 2022-3 are:

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Lease Deal of the Year

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Supported Finance Deal of the Year

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific M&A Deal of the Year

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Equity Deal of the Year

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Capital Markets Deal of the Year

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Debt Deal of the Year

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Structured Finance Deal of the Year

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Editor’s Deal of the Year for Innovation

Aviation 100 Asia-Pacific Overall Deal of the Year


Any company can nominate transactions it has worked on for consideration to win one of the Deals of the Year awards by submitting a pitch to The Aviation 100 editorial team.

Please complete this nomination form and return to victoria@aviationnews-online.com  with AE APAC AWARDS 2023 in the subject line.