Airline Economics is constantly monitoring the global COVID-19 health and safety situation and travel restrictions that may impede our ability to hold live events around the world.

Where we are able to hold events, Airline Economics has invested in making conferences as safe as they can possibility be in this unprecedented situation. These measures include:

  • All delegates will have a personal contact at Airline Economics who will arrange a local PCR swab test to take place no more than six days prior to the event. This encompasses all delegates, whether local or travelling from overseas.
  • The delegate fee includes the cost of the test local to you. Where a delegate fee has not been paid the individual will need to cover the cost of the test.  
  • There will be state-of-the-art thermal scanners at all entrances with face recognition software (all delegates must supply a current image to us). Anyone failing the temperature test will not be allowed entry and will be refunded if required.
  • A full track-and-trace system is in place via the thermal scanners linked to the delegate list and face recognition software. All delegates will be informed if a person fails the thermal scanner, informing delegates if they may have come into contact with that person within minutes of that result.
  • All delegates are required to inform Airline Economics directly if they test positive within 14 days of the event closing. We will then be able to notify all attendees.  
  • We have a one person-one touch pass packaging system – passes/face masks/lanyards will be provided in a sealed envelope to delegates.
  • In addition, many other mitigation measures being prepared and undertaken behind the scenes at the conference locations to make them COVID-19 secure.

These measures along with many more other subtle measures taken in the background at events will ensure that Airline Economics events are as safe as they can be, are as large as they can be, and as productive as they can be, both now and for as long as is required. For those that cannot travel, we will be live streaming the events in Dubai and Dublin for virtual delegates as usual with new enhancements. As was the case in 2019 all Airline Economics conferences will be fully carbon offset, including delegate flights, so our events remain totally carbon neutral. 

14 April 2021

한국어 번역

15 April 2021


14-16 September 2021

RDS, Intercontinental Hotel and Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland

14-16 September 2021

RDS, Intercontinental Hotel and Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland

28-29 September 2021

Ritz Carlton Dubai Beach

20-21 October 2021

Metropolitan Club,
New York, USA

2-3 November 2021

Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong, China

1 December 2021

London, UK

16-20 January 2022

The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

15-16 March 2022

Conrad Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

7-8 April 2022

Shangri La Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

1 June 2022

Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv