30th May 2019 | The London Room, Olympia London


Aerospace Big Data & Future Tech Conference

The London Room, Olympia

Wednesday 29th May 2019

08:00 | Registration Open/Morning refreshments

09:30 | Opening of conference – Chairman opening remarks

09:35 | Operational data initiatives

Using asset generated operation data to the advantage of a business.

What is the value of data to Lessors / MROs / OEMS and other stakeholders and how can it be best used.

10:25 | Keynote

11:00 | Morning break

11:15 | Data ownership rights panel

Data ownership and how the MRO sector should manage the same. Are there anti-trust considerations regarding the free-flow of data. How should have access to in-flight data? Risk allocation and liability.

11:55 | Cloud adoption – is paperless secure?

Paperless operations, past present and future, are they secure and do we still need paper records?

12:15 | KEYNOTE – predictive maintenance & the digital transformation of the MRO sector

What are the main gains to airlines and MROs In-house built systems Vs ready built systems.

13:00 | Lunch

14:00 | Information security & cyber threats to airlines

The impact of GDPR on airlines in the event of a cyber breach.
Are there weak points in an airline’s cyber structure and can maintenance systems, booking systems and other critical infrastructure?
What working practices can airlines adopt to enhance cyber security and readiness in the event of a breach.

14:45 | Engine in flight data

Who has access to modern engine data and how can it be used to give beneficial outcomes to asset owners and OEMs alike.

15:30 | Lessors and asset managers and asset generated data

How can lessors benefit from big data coming from assets? Should they reply on operators/OEMs and MROs or should the lessor have everything to hand from all angles, especially on aircraft owned through capital markets investment. Do lessors understand the cyber threats to such data and the risks it poses to their business.

16:00 | Closing debate: applications for blockchin /DLT – uses for airlines, leasing companies, MROs and OEMs

17:00 | Chairman closing remarks – close of day one

17:30 – 19:00 | Pre-dinner drinks

19:15 | The Aviation 100 European Awards Annual Dinner

The Grand Hall, Olympia

Thursday 30th May 2019

08:00 | Registration Open/Morning refreshments

09:30 | Chairman opening remarks for day 2

09:35 | Future technology in the transportation sector – An overview of what is in the pipeline for land, sea, air and rail

10:20 | Boom Update

10:55 | Morning break

11:15 | Hyper link technology update

Investing in and benefiting from hyperlink technology and can hyperlinks bring great benefit to aviation.

12:00 | Commercial space travel panel

Investing in and being a part of commercial space travel. Where are we now and how far off is a hotel in space. Can commercial space travel also incorporate super-fast city to city travel without harming the planet?

13:00 | Lunch

14:10 | Airport & ATC future tech panel

Investing in airport future technology, what is in the pipeline, what do investors need to know, what will be the benefits to aviation and will it affect airline.

14:55 | Commercial & corporate/private Aviation future technology and the driving forces behind the same

Can aviation manufacturers spend a great deal on R&D at a time when delivery schedules are so very high. How does future technology find its way into current aircraft. What aircraft and engine updates are on the horizon and what should investors be looking out for.

15:55 | Financing and investing in transportation future technology

In a fast moving and risk driven sector how can investors see the wood from the trees.

16:15 | Closing debate: How can governments assist manufacturers, businesses and entrepenurs in developing new game changing technologies in the transportation and space sectors

17:00 | Chairman closing remarks

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