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2 December 2020


09:00 – 10:30 | Values & Lease Rate

The impact of covid-19 on aircraft & engine values and lease rates in the moment and what we can expect going forward. Should all lessors and airlines be writing-down values already as AerCap and Qantas have, or should they wait and see what 2021 brings? Residual values, what is realistic and what is a good LTV rate?

Do we need a new model for valuations based on lease life and airline credit?

Gueric Dechavanne, Vice President, Collateral Verifications

Patrick den Elzen, CEO & Founding Partner, Arena Aviation Capital / George Dimitroff, Head of Valuations, Ascend by CIRIUM / Angus von Schoenberg, Industry Officer, TrueNoord / John Leech, Group Head of Trading, Used Aircraft, ARI / Karl Brünjes, Chief Operating Officer, Ardavon

10:40 – 11:40 | Accelerated Aircraft Retirements & the Impact on the Used Serviceable Material Market

Abdol Moabery, President & CEO, GA Telesis

Sharon Green, Chief Executive Officer, GECAS Materials / Rüdiger Heinrich-De Stefano, Director Asset Management, MTU Aero Engines / Jasper van den Boogaard – VP Airframe Acquisition & Trading, APOC / Romain Chambard, VP Marketing – Products and Services, Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce / Ian Malin, CFO, AJW Group

11:50 – 12:50 | The regional market

2020 saw the regional market hit very hard – but will regional airlines and specialist lessors be at the forefront of a 2021 recovery? Also the state of the market for financing regional airlines and aircraft.

Richard Moody, Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Transportation, Infrastructure & Energy, Deutsche Bank AG

Bryan K Bedford, Chairman, President & CEO, Republic Airways /  Valter Fernandes, Managing Director, Portugália Airlines / Anne-Bart Tieleman, CEO, TrueNoord  / Philippe Poutissou, Vice President Sales Marketing, De Havilland Canada


14:10 – 15:10 | Aircraft Trading & investment panel

Lease rates and values of the 777-300ER & A330 were already under significant pressure prior to the pandemic – Where are they now? What does the future hold for the A330 both in and out of production types? What about the 777X and the A380? What narrow-body types are buoyant, and which are in difficulty and will environmental concerns cut short the life of many types? Are turboprops & RJs trading? What about in-production types – How has the 787 and A350 held-up & will the MAX have a positive or negative effect in the short term?

Sean Cleghorn, Chief Executive Officer, Magi Aviation Capital

Mark Lapidus, CEO, Amedeo / Christian Mailly, Managing Director, Dr Peters / Nathan Riggs, Co-Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Trading, Aergo Capital / Richard Jacobs, Chief Commercial Officer, TrueNoord / Bill Cumberlidge, Managing Director, Centrus Aviation Capital / Pascal Picano, Chief Marketing Officer, Carlyle Aviation Partners

15:20 -16:20 | Dealing with Distress

Aircraft repossessions & debt restructuring

The Pandemic has seen aircraft repossessions increase, but it has seen debt restructuring take place almost across the board on a global basis. Where are we at the close of 2020 and what does 2021 hold?

Joe O’Mara, Head of Aviation Finance, KPMG

Drew Fine, Partner, Milbank  /  David Berkery, Partner, A&L Goodbody  / Kieran Wallace, Head of Restructuring, KPMG  / Jim Bell, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams

16:30 – 17:30 | The Big Debate

How 2020 was navigated and what 2021 H1 is shaping-up like.

Duncan Batchelor, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

Max Kingsley-Jones, Senior Consultant, Ascend by CIRIUM / Marjan Riggi, Senior MD, Head of Aviation, Transportation and Comm. Finance, Kroll Bond Rating Agency / Bénédicte Bedaine-Renault, Head of Aviation Finance EMEA, Natixis Bank / Pat Cauthery, Head of Aerospace and Defence, UK Export Finance / Ted O’Byrne, Managing Director, Carlyle Aviation Partners

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