December 2017 | London, UK

08:00 |

09:00 | Chairman & sponsor opening remarks


09:05 | Regional airline market Overview

Widebody capacity and supply and demand balance. Also incorporating a presentation on outlook including current fleet and schedule lease return profile covering major aircraft types, with thoughts on production volumes.

Rob Morris, Head of Consultancy, Flight Ascend Consultancy

09:45 | Keynote

Bob Finn, CEO, AerFin

10:15 | Regional aircraft OEM panel

Jerome Gabory, Head of Leasing Markets, ATR Aircraft

11:00 | Morning Break

11:15 | Keynote

John Slattery, CEO, Embraer Commercial Aircraft

11:35 | Regional airline panel

Sylvain GLOUX, Senior Fleet Planning Executive, Flybe

12:15 | Regional aircraft leasing panel

Volker Fabian, Chief Executive Officer, Elix Aviation Capital / Anne-Bart Tieleman, CEO, TrueNoord / Jerome Gabory, Head of Leasing Markets, ATR Aircraft / Garry Topp, COO, TrueNoord / Mark Hughes – Chief Commercial Officer at Falko

13:00 | Lunch

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14:00 | Financing, Investing in and remarketing aircraft

Remarketing small and large aircraft in the secondary market. Are some types easier to move-on than others? Is the market softening or buoyant? What types should be avoided at this time and is avoidance creating an opportunity for some?

Tony Whitty, Head of Aircraft Remarketing and ACMI, Air Partner

14:45 | Innovations in the financing of aircraft and the capital markets

Mark Lapidus, CEO, Amedeo

15:25 | Break

15:40 | Commercial aviation banking panel

Debt and equity financing for airlines, lessors and aircraft both large and small

Jose Abramovici, Global Head of Asset Finance Group, Credit Agricole Corporate Investment Bank

16:20 | Finance & Leasing panel (non-regional aircraft)

Ali Lmadani, Managing Director, ABL Aviation / Christopher DENNIS-MEYER – Senior Vice President –Sales and Marketing (Europe, Middle East & Africa)

17:00 | What to look out for in aircraft trading leasing and finance in 2018

17:35 | Closing remarks

17:40 | Drinks reception at the AerFin bar

1st floor of Banking Hall

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00:00 | Aviation 100 European Awards Holiday Dinner

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