Aeroflot joins Digital Transport and Logistics Association
By August 19, 2019 09:04

Aeroflot joins Digital Transport and Logistics Association

Aeroflot has become a member of Digital Transport and Logistics Association.

The leading Russian airline’s joining the Association will greatly contribute to the transformation of Russia’s transport complex through leveraging Aeroflot’s expertise in digitalisation and tech.  

Digital Transport and Logistics Association is a competency centre for the namesake project by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. It aims to design and develop a universal multi-modal digital transport and logistic system across Russia.

This will be achieved through integrating and introducing all existing and emerging digital services and software of Russian companies.

Vitaly Saveliev, CEO of Aeroflot, said: “Digitalisation is the key development focus and our major investment in the future; it is the main driver behind high business efficiency. Aeroflot embraces state-of-art digital solutions and is eager to share expertise with other transport sector entities. Our combined efforts will surely help this country to gain leading positions in transportation and logistics industry.

Alexey Semenov, deputy minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, added: “Aeroflot’s global record is instrumental for digitalizing the entire transport industry, which operates based on principles of multimodality, multiplatformity, and the need of integration with relevant systems of European and Asian countries. The active contribution of one of the biggest airlines to Digital Transport and Logistics Association will facilitate advance of technological breakthrough, a goal set by the government”.

Nowadays, Aeroflot demonstrates one of the highest levels of IT deployment across the global transport sector. For a number of years, the airline has ranked fourth by digitalization among the world’s carriers according to Bain & Co. In practical terms, it means over a dozen of business cases implemented based on digital technologies.  

The “Internet on board” program introduced on wide-body aircraft and being extended over narrow-body fleet. “Manager’s Monitor” system allowing Aeroflot management to access online over 500 airline operational indicators.  

This provides cabin crew and pilots with tablets enabling them to access passenger and operational data in-flight. Russia’s first data mart project for tax monitoring, on a par with best international equivalents. Resource management system, which has reduced average aircraft maintenance turnaround time. Aircraft operation intellectual support system, which has helped increase the average daily flight time of Aeroflot aircraft.

Automation of major business processes at the airline has reached 100%, from administrative work to passenger service and aircraft maintenance. Aeroflot Group’s 2023 Strategy stipulates further AI innovation.
By August 19, 2019 09:04