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ESG Global is an innovative and enlightening ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) magazine specifically tailored for the aviation industry.

Current Issue: ESG Global, Spring 2024


News, transactions, data and insights into the world of environment, social and governance issues for commercial aviation finance and leasing community.

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About ESG Global magazine

ESG Global magazine is an innovative and enlightening ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) magazine specifically tailored for the aviation industry. In a world where sustainability is paramount, our magazine serves as a beacon, guiding aviation professionals and enthusiasts through the complex intersection of sustainable practices and aviation.

This publication delves deep into the aviation sector’s efforts to embrace ESG principles, showcasing pioneering airlines, airports, and manufacturers that are leading the way in reducing their carbon footprint, fostering social responsibility, and adhering to strong governance standards. We aim to inspire and inform, empowering our readers with the knowledge and insights they need to make more informed decisions in the industry.

Key Features of the magazine:

  • Sustainable Aviation Initiatives:
    Explore in-depth profiles of airlines and aviation companies that are making substantial progress in reducing emissions, adopting renewable energy sources, and implementing eco-friendly technologies.
  • Aviation and Communities:
    Understand how the aviation sector is contributing to local and global communities, through education, job creation, and philanthropic efforts.
  • ESG Reporting and Analysis:
    Dive into the world of aviation ESG reporting and analysis, where we break down the latest sustainability reports, rankings, and certifications, offering a comprehensive overview of each aviation entity’s ESG performance.
  • Regulatory Developments:
    Stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape as governments worldwide implement new policies and incentives to encourage sustainable aviation practices.
  • Innovations and Technologies:
    Discover the cutting-edge technologies and innovations transforming the aviation industry, from electric aircraft to sustainable aviation fuels.
  • Sustainability Challenges and Solutions:
    Delve into the environmental, social, and governance challenges faced by aviation companies and learn about the innovative solutions they are implementing to address these issues.
  • Thought Leadership:
    Hear from top industry experts, CEOs, and thought leaders as they share their visions and strategies for a more sustainable future in aviation.

ESG Global magazine is the ultimate resource for aviation professionals, enthusiasts, investors, and anyone interested in the sustainable future of air travel. With engaging content, expert analysis, and real-world success stories, our magazine empowers readers to become agents of positive change in the aviation industry, one ESG principle at a time.

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