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15-16 April 2021 | Shangri La Hotel, Tokyo, Japan


Tuesday 15 April 2021

08:00 | Registration Open/Morning refreshments

08:50 | Opening of conferenceChairman opening remarks

09:00 | Economic & Political Dynamics

The commercial aviation industry is affected and guided by macro-economic and political fluctuations and as such it is essential to start by looking from the outside in. To assess what factors have and will affect aviation in 2020 and beyond in order to plan for the coming months.

09:40 | Keynote

10:10 | JOL & JOLCO Panel

10:55 | Engine Leasing & Investment

11:40 | Lessor CEO Panel

As new deliveries continue to be plagued by problems the lease extension has been a go-to for airlines. How can lessors further help airlines in 2020 and beyond as the delivery cycle accelerates?

12:25 | Keynote

13:00 | Lunch

14:00 | Regional Aircraft Specialist Leasing & finance Panel

The growing footprint of regional aircraft leasing specialisation.

14:40 | Supported Finance – ECAs and alternatives

Supported finance options and examples – Increasing supported finance participation on JOL deals in 2019 was a trend – Will this be built upon in 2020.

15:25 | Trading and Investing in mid-life Aircraft & Engines

16:10 | Lessor financing panel

Leading lessors are quizzed on their financing strategies and the effects on the same if they continue to use unsecured capital markets.

16:50 | Capital Markets Equity Panel

17:30 | Chairman closing remarks

17:30 | Drinks reception at the Crystal Gallery

Wednesday 16 April 2021

08:00 | Registration Open/Morning refreshments

08:50 | Opening of conference day 2Chairman opening remarks

08:55 | Japanese market overview

Japanese & Local Airline market overview & Japanese aviation investment update.

09:35 | Tax Panel

10:15 | ABS Panel

10:55 | Banking Panel

Our esteemed panel will look at what options they are willing to put forward during 2020/21, what risks they are willing to take and what areas of the market they find exciting and want to do business in. The panel will also look at the continuing evolution of the JOLCO.

11:35 | Financing airlines Panel

12:20 | Airline Panel

Managing currency, capacity and delivery financing risk in a fluctuating market.

13:00 | Lunch

14:00 | Japanese investor market status/sentiment, opportunities, outlook and challenges

14:40 | Capital Markets Debt Panel

15:20 | Financing & Investing in new aircraft

16:00 | Asset management panel

16:40 | Manufacturer Panel

17:20 | The Closing Debate- Airline & Leasing Panel

Aircraft supply and Lessor content – too many, too few or just right?
What are the current core matters impacting valuations and ratings?

18:00 | Chairman closing remarks

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