Quick COVID Procedure Guide:

  1. The rapid PCR test is for the day 2 / fit to travel certificates – for international delegates (non UK & Ireland). This group also have already been tested prior to this upon entry into the UK/exit from their destination. The test station within the Central Hall is inside the Broadbent room on the ground floor.
  2. UK / Ireland / Channel islands based delegates should undertake an at home/in hotel Lateral Flow (LF) test before setting out to the conference to ensure that they are clear of COVID, much the same as we have to do each week for the school children, this is fast, easy and inexpensive.
  3. On Sunday the 19th prior to the reception all delegates will receive an email with a COVID prevention questionnaire – answering this questionnaire will generate you QR code for touch free entry.
  4. There will be temperature checks on all key entrances at street level at all times.
  5. Upon collecting your pass you will then be able to take your delegate bag; this is an A5 antibacterial bag containing your antibacterial lanyard, a face mask, antibacterial pass cover and sanitiser spray for use during the week.
  6. If at any time you feel unwell or you are displaying symptoms of COVID 19, then you should not attend the event and you should seek a test at once.

If you wish to use masks you can, this is personal preference. Please avoid hand shaking, kissing and hugging if at all possible.


UK Government advise and procedure pages:


We will  require a copy of your vaccine certificate/ vaccine card if fully vaccinated


If not fully vaccinated; we will require a certified negative PCR test no older than 48 hours from time of registration/pass collection OR a certified negative lateral flow test within 24 hours of registration/pass collection.

These measurers mean that a COVID wavier form is not required

Airline Economics is as COVID-19 secure as any event in the world can be, and more so than any event this sector has seen before:

The event takes place in the most open city in the world, but it has been designed with COVID precautions in mind from start to finish.

All locations are within a short walk – No buses or transport is/are required at any time – This is essential.

The main conference, dinner and reception locations have all been chosen not only for their practicality, location and special beauty, but also because all these spaces have ultra-high ceilings and are vast, increasing the spacing and the air space massively, thus reducing greatly the chances of any possible transmission.

The conference hall, unlike other competing venues, is so vast that social distancing spacing between chairs is fully maintained with no less seats than before COVID.

At the dinners, tables of ten are remaining but spacing between tables will be greatly increased to 2m.

There are temperature checks at all entrances to all locations at all times. Plus all delegates will have been screened, either prior to the event or at the door with sight of either a test (see below) or full vaccination.

Sanitisation will be taking place across all venues at all times in the background.

Each delegate will receive a sealed envelope containing their certified anti-bacterial lanyard and pass-holder (with pass), a certified face mask and mini sanitiser. Envelopes are packed under the strictest of conditions.

Delegates will be able to collect a conference water bottle each for use during the event at special stations in Central Hall – this also assists with COVID measures but it is also extremely environmentally friendly.

This is a Climate/Carbon Positive event – it goes beyond achieving net zero and is certified as such.

The event is fully insured both by Airline Economics to £10,000,000.00  but also by each venue and contractor – as is usual.

Those arriving from “Amber” countries will require a Day 2 PCR Test – these can be purchased from stores or online in advance for as little as £20, you take the test on the 19th, post it and receive the results on the 21st (for example). We are taking steps right now to make sure that delegates have full access to these, but the most local outlet to the event is here: – although this is by no means the best value. This process sounds like a pain, but having tested it myself in recent days I can confirm that it is easy and inexpensive.

Do not attend if you have no proof of vaccination and do not intend on taking a test.

It is recommended that you do not use public transport – if you have to, then keep your mask on at all times, be sure not to touch your face, and use hand sanitiser as soon as you reach your destination.

Try to use your own pen at all times and do not let others use it.

The following policies have been put in place to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all attendees.

When you Arrive on Site

  • You can pick up a bracelet for set-up, and then pick up your badge during registration hours.
  • Exhibitors and stand-builders that need to unload at the loading dock will be directed to the marshalling yard.

Physical/Social Distancing

  • All event activities should take place with social/physical distancing in mind.
  • Please keep a 4-6-foot distance between yourself and other attendees.
  • Avoid handshakes and embraces as greetings and avoid sharing printed business cards.
  • Take advantage of event technology! Use the Airline Economics Event app to connect with other attendees, find exhibitors and get the latest event information.
  • Floorplans have been adjusted, aisles have been widened and considerations have been made in the event setup to allow for adequate crowd distribution.
  • All booth activities (meetings, receptions, demonstrations, etc.) should accommodate for social distancing. We request that you staff your booth to not exceed 2 booth personnel per 10 x 10 space at any one time.10×10 = 2
    10×20 = 4
    20×20 = 8
    20×30 = 12
    20×40 = 16
    20×50 = 20
  • Meeting areas, furniture in your booth should be arranged to accommodate a safe physical distance between booth personnel and tradeshow visitors.
  • Take advantage of event technology
  • Use lead retrieval for contact-free scanning of attendee badges to effectively follow up on leads from the event!
  • Connect with attendees through the Airline Economics Event app and post regularly in the activity feed.

Booth Activities

  • Please limit physical giveaways at the booth to avoid high touch points
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to ship to the advanced warehouse in order to more manage freight processing in a more controlled environment.
  • Consider touchless (electronic and digital) alternatives to engagement, collateral material and giveaways

The Stand Catering/Receptions

When planning receptions or catering at your booth, please consider the following:

  • All receptions are limited to after 1 pm and must have approval from show management. There must be adequate space in or near your booth to host a reception
  • Outside catering is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at this event. Waivers will not be granted and all food and beverage must come from the Official supplier.


  • All Attendees will need to wear masks or face coverings for the duration of the event.
  • Individual(s) should wash their hands before putting on a face covering.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added to lobby areas and near Food and Beverage outlets.
  • Wash your hands often! Especially when you’ve been in high touch areas like on escalators, in elevators or seating areas.
  • Public self-serve water stations with any touch point will not be available.
  • Stand cleaning is available from Freeman
  • We request that you regularly disinfect your stand throughout the event
  • Please remove waste regularly in designated bins and through pre-ordered stand cleaning services

Health Checks

Show management is closely monitoring the advice from local health authorities on screening participants and we will follow that guidance. This may mean we use contactless temperature screening to identify anyone who has a high temperature. Anyone who presents a high temperature will be denied entry to the event and appropriate medical attention will be offered.

  • Attendees showing symptoms will be asked to leave the venue or be evaluated by our on-site medical team.
  • If you are not feeling well, or are beginning to show symptoms, please do not come to the event.
  • If you begin to feel unwell at the event, on-site medical personnel are available to assist. Please contact the Aviation News event office or call +44 (0) 7890 117489 , or alert security staff personnel or reception desk personnel to be directed to the medical room – If however your condition warrants emergency attention then dial 122 or 999 for an ambulance as you would normally.
  • Exhibitors and stand-builders in the hall during setup hours will be expected to adhere to temperature screening.
  • High contact touch points such as tools, equipment, materials should be sanitized regularly.
  • Additional PPE including gloves, face shields are recommended.

Go with the Flow (of traffic)

  • One-way aisles may be implemented within the exhibition hall, on the concourse and/or at registration to minimize physical contact and bottle necks.
  • Entrance Only and Exit Only doors will be implemented.
  • Attendees are discouraged from gathering at entrances and causing traffic jams.
  • If an entrance is crowded, please take advantage of a lobby networking area until the crowd disperses, and entrances are clear.
  • Time your visit carefully.
  • Food and Beverage Areas

New practices and policies are in place including:

  • 3 Ply Surgical Masks & Gloves for all Staff
  • New, Targeted Cleaning Solutions
  • Expanded Sanitizer Stations
  • Increased Cleaning Schedule
  • Elevated Training for all Team Members
  • Employee Wellness Screening Upon Arrival
  • Freedom Pay
  • Point of Sale Barriers
  • Wrapped Silverware
  • PC Condiments
  • Outdoor Seating Options

Conference Delegates

  • Arrive at sessions early to avoid lines.
  • Attendees will be admitted to all sessions through the use of contactless badge scanning.
  • Attendees will be asked to clear all conference rooms after sessions have finished for cleaning to take place. Please help us expedite this process by exiting rooms at the end of sessions.
  • Seating will be limited to allow for adequate distancing.
  • All social distancing measures and protocols are also expected during conference sessions including the wearing of masks and spacing between seating.

Dublin Events 2021-2022

All delegates must download and have active the following app during our conference(s) in Dublin in both September and January.

2021-2022 Events

At the moment the rules are moving to simple entry heat test, double vaccination proof and download of a relevant track and trace app.

You will require a QR code from us for contact-less entry. This will be processed at the time of booking.

NOTE: PCR test requirement is relaxed: PCR Test is now only required if your original destination requires it – So if you are a resident of the country the event is held in you do not need one, if you are from a country where the airline does not require it then you do not need one, if you are from a country where the airline or immigration does require it, then you do need one (you will have it or not anyway, we are not in addition to airline requirements).