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Keflavik Airport transforms its ID pass application process

Isavia has instigated a major alteration to its ID pass management process at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland by adopting MTrust, the online identity assurance tool created by Human Recognition Systems.

By going paperless with its airport ID pass management and moving the entire vetting and issuance process online, Isavia has joined other major airports such as London Gatwick by adopting the MTrust solution.

MTrust is the first system of its kind to handle the full process of airport ID pass application management, vetting and issuance online. MTrust is a single online portal for sponsor companies, airline and airport users to manage and issue people, vehicle and driver passes. Keeping this complex process in a protected, cloud-based environment saves money and time for the airport, as well as being a more secure, efficient and error-free system compared with paper-based alternatives.

Neil Norman, CEO and Founder of Human Recognition Systems:  “We are delighted to be working with Isavia on this project and providing a solution that will deliver increased operational efficiency, enhanced security and auditing, and a positive experience for on-airport customers by allowing passes to be issued faster. Isavia’s decision to deploy MTrust for Keflavik International Airport shows the growing trend toward automated cloud-based systems by major airports to improve security and efficiency in vital operational processes.”

The challenges associated with facing an average of 21% annual growth year on year are great for Isavia. To introduce new solutions at a faster rate, Keflavik International Airport’s preference was to choose COTS systems with a proven track record and reliable references.

Other key benefits Isavia will gain from adopting Human Recognition System’s tool is the standardisation of the ID pass procedure, the minimisation of manual input at Keflavik International Airport’s ID Office and the elimination of incorrect, invalid and rejected passes. Isavia will also benefit from remote printing of temporary passes with enhanced security features, such as photography to aid visual verification and real-time checking of application validity.

Date: May 15, 2017

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