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Icelandic carrier to deploy navigation solution from Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems has announced Icelandair as a new customer of its Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual navigation solution. The Icelandic carrier has also opted for the Lido/AMM (Airport Moving Map) add-on module. The two companies recently signed a five-year agreement to this effect.

“Icelandair initially had a workgroup review whether switching to digital navigational charts and a new chart supplier would adversely affect the operation in the short and long term. Negative effects from the change was found to be negligible though getting accustomed to the new chart layouts and software would of course be challenging for the flight crews. Our review concluded the Lido/eRouteManual to be more advanced in many ways compared to competitor products,” said Alvar Sverrisson, Project Manager and Flight Standards Specialist at Icelandair. “In the end, we were generally impressed with the Lido/eRouteManual features and since its introduction into our operation, the feedback from our crews has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Lido/eRouteManual is an electronic version of the navigation maps and has already been deployed by more than 50 airlines worldwide. The application for Windows-based systems comprises navigation maps for take-off and landing procedures as well as flight maps that include all important route information like altitude data, course of rivers and airport features. These maps are generated directly from the Lido/FMS navigation database, which includes worldwide aeronautical information. The app’s Lido/AMM module provides precise airport maps that facilitate navigation for pilots during taxi operations by showing the aircraft’s current position.

“We are very proud that Icelandair has selected our navigation solutions,” said Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Regional Management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems. “The trend toward mobile solutions for a paperless flight deck offering greater flexibility for pilots shows no sign of slowing down.”

Date: April 13, 2017

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