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Icelandair signs TrueChoice Transitions agreement with GE

Icelandair signed a TrueChoiceTM Transitions agreement with GE Aviation for a custom ordered CF6-80C2 spare engine. This agreement follows a TrueChoice Transition agreement between Icelandair and GE signed last year for the maintenance of CF6-80C2 engines that power the airline’s four Boeing 767 aircraft.

“We were greatly impressed by the speed and flexibility that GE Aviation demonstrated with this TrueChoice Transition agreement,” said Unnar Sumarlidason, Engineering manager, Icelandair. “GE was willing to build us a spare engine to order that will help us as we grow our fleet, and we are pleased with the level of support that GE has shown.”

“GE’s TrueChoice Transitions agreements are designed to help customers through an engine’s changing ownership horizon, and we are delighted to support Icelandair and its growing CF6-80C2 engine fleet,” said Jean Lydon-Rodgers, president and chief executive officer of GE Aviation’s Services organization.

Date: March 8, 2017

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