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Airbus shareholders approve all resolutions at 2017 AGM

Shareholders of Airbus have approved all 14 resolutions proposed at its 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM), including the appointment of a new independent director, renewal of the Chairman’s Board mandate and adoption of the Company’s new legal name.

Following the AGM’s approval, Lord Drayson joins the Airbus Board of Directors as a non-executive member for a term of three years and replaces Lakshmi Mittal whose mandate expired at the close of the meeting. Drayson has led several technology companies in different industry sectors and is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UK-based Drayson Technologies Ltd.

The mandate of Denis Ranque as a member of the Board of Directors was renewed for a term of three years and he was formally reappointed Chairman at a Board meeting held after the AGM. The mandates of non-Executive Directors Ralph D. Crosby and Hermann-Josef Lamberti were also renewed.

At the 2016 AGM, it was announced that Board mandates will be renewed every year by blocks of four, for a term of three years, in order to ensure a smooth transition of the Board composition and to be in line with best practices. This also avoids large block replacements at one single shareholder meeting.

Shareholders also formally approved the change of the Company’s legal name to Airbus SE from Airbus Group SE. This follows the decision taken in 2016 to merge the Group structure with the largest Division, Airbus Commercial Aircraft, and adopt the single Airbus brand. The Company has been operating as Airbus since the beginning of January, 2017.

The proposed 2016 dividend of € 1.35 per share was also approved.

Date: April 13, 2017

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