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Korean Air joins the Pulkovo Airport Transfer Development Program

Korean Air, the flag carrier of the Republic of Korea, has joined the M2 Transfer Development Program offered by St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport. Upon completion of the tariff coordination procedure, the capital city of South Korea, Seoul, will become yet another transfer destination available at Pulkovo within the project.

Northern Capital Gateway (NCG) LLC, the main operator of Pulkovo Airport, launched the M2 Transfer Development Project in December 2015. The program brings together airlines that are not involved in interline or code-sharing agreements. Pulkovo serves as project administrator for the M2 Program participants. The airport enters rates for different route legs via St. Petersburg into the sales system. When purchasing the ticket, the passenger will see the total amount due and purchase a ticket for the entire route. At Pulkovo, the passenger and their luggage will be handled as transfer operations, making the switch from one flight to the next more convenient.

With the launch of M2, Pulkovo creates new routes for passengers with a stopover in St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, airlines have the opportunity to add more passengers to their flights without any additional costs by attracting transfer passengers from other regions and cities that they do not serve on their own.

The M2 Transfer Program at Pulkovo airport currently includes 14 airlines: Pskovavia, Belavia, UVT Aero, Yakutia, RusLine, Taymyr, Nordavia, Air Moldova, Yamal, Urals Airlines, UTair, Avia Traffic Company, Saratov Airline, and Korean Air. The program encompasses 58 flight destinations, including 50 Russian and 8 foreign cities. Most popular among passengers are the following routes: Murmansk – St. Petersburg – Minsk, Murmansk – St. Petersburg – Kirov, and Archangelsk – St. Petersburg – Minsk.

Transport Clearing House (TCH) of Russia serves as the NCG partner in the M2 Program. The airport registers rates in the information systems of TCH, which then distributes the revenue among the airlines for transfer tickets sold according to the respective share of the concerned carriers in the route.

Date: January 25, 2017
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