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STS Aviation Group forms strategic alliance with Cannon Aviation; launches STS Repair and Modification

STS Aviation Group has formed a new corporate division focused on delivering aircraft repair and modification services.

The new division is aptly named STS Repair and Modification, and it is built around an existing team of aircraft maintenance technicians and aerospace engineers that provide fixed-cost aircraft repair and modification services to customers worldwide.

“STS is extremely proud to offer new and existing customers the best aircraft repair and modification services in the country,” states PJ Anson, CEO of STS Aviation Group. “When forming this new division, we aligned with former leaders of Cannon Aviation to streamline the division’s ramp-up time and ensure that our customers have access to the very best aircraft repair and modification teams in the business.”

In addition to offering structural aircraft repair and modification services, STS Repair and Modification also excels at delivering cost-effective avionics repair and modification solutions to customers.

“Not only do we provide exceptional interior and exterior aircraft structural modifications, the STS Repair and Modification’s team effectively executes custom avionics repair and modification programs while working on things like Wi-Fi mods, satellite communication systems, flight data recorders and more,” says Sonny Cannon, Vice President of Operations for STS Repair and Modification.

Date: February 20, 2017

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