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New 145 workshops with an innovative repair model

CRS Technics Limited, based close to Stansted Airport, are focused on the repair and overhaul of rotables with low MTBR rates, high cost previously no-repairable items, and high cots high failure component parts of rotables, with a view to offering more time on wing and lower maintenance costs through improved reliability and reduced wastage.

The facility itself extends over 8000 square feet, and is furnished to laboratory standards with an extensive research and development facility. With the support of 21J activities through a sister company, CRS Technics Limited offers cost effective long term solutions to airlines, operators and even other 145 approved workshops helping to improve reliability whilst reducing costs.

Already working alongside one airline customer, CRST are looking for new partners to work with to discuss and improve reliability issues they may have across their rotable component pool. After all, more time on wing results in reduced repair costs, fewer delays, less line maintenance costs and lower levels of administration.

Date: May 16, 2017

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