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AAR signs extended PBH contract with Bluebird Cargo

AAR has been awarded a contract extension for Bluebird Cargo’s fleet of five B737CL aircraft, which the aviation services company has been supporting since 2007.

“AAR’s robust European logistics network and mainland distribution center in Brussels has ensured that we have been able to continually support Bluebird Cargo for over 10 years,” said Nick Price, Senior Vice President – Operations, Commercial Programmes, AAR. “Bluebird Cargo has tight schedules and specific deadline targets, and we are proud to say that AAR has exceeded those and helped Bluebird Cargo deliver the best possible customer service worldwide.”

“AAR’s successful renewal of Bluebird Cargo’s B737CL agreement shows the effectiveness of our supply chain hub in Europe and why more and more EMEA airlines are choosing to partner with AAR for component support,” said Deepak Sharma, President, International Supply Chain, AAR.

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, Bluebird Cargo operates internationally, providing freight services via its extensive network and ACMI and Wet Lease services throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Date: January 20, 2017

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