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A Big Thank You

Thank you to all those who took part in the first Annual Airline Economics/MRO Global Dublin Aviation Summit. We had 1,656 attendees come through the doors over the past two days, with 628 attending the awards dinner, which for an inaugural event was a good show, vastly larger than any inaugural event before it. These shows cannot run without the support of the industry and as you support us we will support you with vastly lower stand space fees and complete demonetization of exhibition and conference attendance – as it should be. We have proved this week that we can cut costs for all, while still increasing spend through large-scale networking events dinners. Next year we will aim to double the size of the event.

We also had great success in bridging the MRO market with the leasing community with all major lessors represented in the halls. On the stage we saw lessors, auditors, MROs, parts and tooling supply companies and airlines represented.

Of interest to me personally was something I have considered for some time but which Monarch Aircraft Engineering, the Line Maintenance Provider of the Year 2017, confirmed on stage. The European three hour delay compensation rule (in layman terms) does mean that in some unfortunate cases airlines will look to pass on losses under the rule if line maintenance delays are to blame, and in that case line maintenance providers should seek insurance from their brokers given the potential huge size of any such loss. Also on stage we heard again about the importance of VAT/taxation considerations for MROs when dealing with lessors. MROs should in all cases have VAT/Tax experts on hand ensuring that they are able to assist clients in keeping aircraft in the air at the lowest possible cost without unforeseen delay or shocking surprises. Simple things with that make a big impact as MROs strive to win business on from the lessors and in turn their clients on 48% of the global commercial fleet. None of this is new news, but if these events can assist lessors and airlines with transitioning aircraft and keeping assets in the air then we here at Airline Economics have done our job. Please do let me know if we are doing anything wrong.

We will announce additional exhibitions in the USA and Asia for 2018 within the coming weeks.

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Date: May 18, 2017

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