The Airline Economics Aviation 100 Awards
By August 22, 2018 12:19

The Airline Economics Aviation 100 Awards

The Aviation 100 recognises the year’s most outstanding performers in the commercial aviation industry.

The Aviation 100 awards ranks the top ten performers in each category with the winner receiving a coveted outstanding achievement award. The categories are: Airlines, Lessors, MROs, Banks, CEOs, CFOs, Appraisers, Law Firms and Parts Suppliers. We also recognise the most outstanding finance and leasing deals closed in the previous 12 months period in our Aviation 100 Deals of the Year.

We have four award regional ceremonies every year, which culminate in the overall Global Leaders awards held in Dublin in January. The awards begin with the Middle East & Africa awards held at our Dubai conference in Oct, the Americas awards are held at our New York conference shortly after, following quickly by the Asia-Pacific awards in Hong Kong at the end of October. The European awards are held during our London conference in December. Winners of our regional awards can also be considered for the overall Global Leaders awards in January.

The top ten rankings for each category are based primarily on an industry survey vote, however the votes are then filtered to ensure fairness (votes for your own company will not count for example). Nominations for each category are also accepted and are judged using a combination of points awarded for specific criteria (see our website award page for full details).

Please vote today to for the three upcoming regional awards: Middle East & Africa, Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Middle East & Africa:

There is a very short time frame to cast your vote for the regional awards. Please make your selection using the above links to the three surveys before September 5, 2018, when the Middle East & Africa survey will close.

Please also submit your nominations for the regional Deals of the Year for all deals closed in the previous 12 months to end August 2018.

The categories being considered for all awards ceremonies are:

M&A Deal of the Year
Capital Markets Deal of the Year
Freighter Finance Deal of the Year
Airport Deal of the Year
Equity Deal of the Year
Debt Deal of the Year
Lease Deal of the Year
Overall Supported Finance Deal of the Year
Editor’s Deal of the Year for Innovation

Any company can nominate its clients or its own services for consideration to win one of the top ten categories by submitting a pitch to The Aviation 100 editorial team with AE AWARDS 2018 in the subject line. Please indicate clearly which regional award category your deal should be considered for as well as the overall awards.

The editorial team’s decision for all award winners is final.
By August 22, 2018 12:19