4th June 2019 | Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv


Events at a glance

1st Annual Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Israel 2019 – Aviation Investment, finance & Leasing
Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv

Tuesday 4th June 2019 – 2nd floor ballroom

09:00-17:00 | Growth Frontiers Conference
18:00-22:00 | The 1st Annual Commercial Aviation Investment networking event – The roof of the Carlton Hotel

Tuesday 4th June 2019

Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Conference

08:00 | Morning registration & refreshments

08:55 | Chairman’s opening remarks

Ran Ackerman, MK Aviation

08:55 | Global aviation sector overview, how investors should view the airline sector in the current and mid-term, and the market for narrow body and widebody aircraft

09:35 | The Key Elements behind aircraft valuations – Is the investor secure?

10:10 | Boeing Aircraft Market Overview & Outlook

Investing in Boeing aircraft.

10:50 | Coffee break

11:00 | The Fundamental Mechanics of the Cape Town Convention & Global Aircraft Trading System (GATS) update

11:40 | Legal aspects of aircraft investment, leasing & finance

Registration, repossession, jurisdiction, transferability.

12:20 | Airline Finance Panel

IFRS16, accounting, financing challenges in Israel vs other places.

13:00 | Lunch

14:00 | Investing in aviation – aircraft Lessors and Banks / Aviation and the capital markets

What makes aviation structures/ABS deals so attractive, what are the returns to be expected and how can investors get involved.

14:40 | Asset Management (Technical and Remarketing) for Investors

Managing risk, dealing with aircraft repossession, transferability and reconfiguration.

15:20 | Commercial Aviation Banking Panel

  • Investor market status/sentiment, opportunities, challenges
  • Israeli banks, capital market/institutional investor participation in aviation
  • Can credit driven companies make a margin in this market.

16:00 | Leasing & Asset Manager Panel

16:45 | Fuel Hedging Presentation

Rafal Mojinski

17:20 | High yield mid-age aircraft lease and technical risks Vs New Aircraft investment

  • Introduction to mid-age aircraft market
  • Investors’ appetite. Available fund in the market, target returns, aircraft types
  • Investing in aircraft. Capital Growth and Projected Residual Values
  • Why invest in mid-age aircraft (Returns, Financing, Aircraft demand, Economics conditions, Strong performance by airlines in Europe and Asia-Pacific)
  • Technical risks (Aircraft acquisition, preparation, technical management, engine restauration, legal risks, etc.)
  • First-hand experience in investing in mid-age aircraft. Business case
  • The main differences to consider against investing in new aircraft
  • Aircraft conversions (such as the 737-800) and the impact for residual values and reducing the end of lease risks

18:00 | Chairman’s closing remarks

Ran Ackerman, MK Aviation

18:00 | The 1st Annual Commercial Aviation Investment networking event – The roof of the Carlton Hotel

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