19th-20th March 2019 | Grand Ballroom, Conrad Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

Seminar –  2nd Annual Life Cycle Management & Transitions Conference

20th March 2018
Life Cycle Management & Transitions Conference

08:00 Registration Opens
09:25 Chairman’s opening remarks
09:30 Global market & industry overview

The commercial aviation fleet and its impact on the aftermarket

10:15 Keynote
10:50 Coffee break
11:05 Lessor Panel
What concerns the lessors dealing with the assets on a day to day basis – could the aftermarket assist the leasing market.
12:00 Aircraft Transitions debate

  • Remarketing options and timing
  • Planning asset end-of-lease management
  • Used aircraft disposal and overcoming export problems / jurisdictional challenges
  • Airlines working with lessors to manage residual risks
  • Records inspections and cost management of the return process
  • Interiors – new Vs reconditioned seating
  • IFE options and reducing aircraft weight.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Engine Event Management

  • Process steps involved
  • Challenges to successful outcome
  • Benefits for asset owner
14:35 Engine Lifecycle Management & mature engine support

  • Engine transitions and Asset Records, contracts and returns
  • The future of paper records Vs electronic records – digital record transition and harmonisation
  • Missing information – Putting the pieces back together
  • Checking components
  • What are OEMs doing to support the engine lessors
  • The rise of integrated service packages and their effect
  • Short term and long term leasing trends
  • Ownership of spare engines Vs short term leasing Vs pooling arrangements
  • Will engine lessors be key to the success of the LEAP and GTF engines in the long term
15:20 Life Cycle Management – Spares & Parts Supply Panel
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Conversions Focus
When is the right time to convert and what is the timeline for P2F conversions in this market. Which aircraft are right for conversion now and what are the economics of conversion Vs cabin reconfiguration.
17:00 PMA & DER – & the OEMs & Lessors
Can asset managers & lessors use PMA in engines & aircraft without risk?
17:45 Chairman’s closing remarks

21st March 2018
Life Cycle Management & Transitions Conference

08:00 Registration Opens
09:20 Chairman’s opening remarks
09:25 Managing aircraft fleets, keeping aircraft in the air and transitioning to newer fleets
10:10 Smooth Aircraft Transitions
During this session we will talk about the benefits of establishing a lease transition partnership with an MRO. How using a trusted MRO partner to provide “one stop shop” services – such as engineering support, maintenance and repair, painting, interior refurbishment and lease management/consulting services can streamline and improve your lease transitions.
10:45 Navigating VAT and Customs on aircraft in transition – a global overview
11:15 Coffee break
11:30 What is the economic life of an aircraft?
Maintenance costs and fuel burn are a key factor in deciding the future of mid-life aircraft. Can maintenance costs be predicted with certainty?
12:15 Aircraft values and lease returns – Aircraft in transition

  • Which aircraft are transitioning better than others
  • Do some aircraft types have particular problems transitioning
  • Do some jurisdictions present particular problems when aircraft are redelivered
13:00 Lunch
  • Legal and negotiation issues / Maintenance reserve provisions in op leases.
  • Qualifying events and other relevant definitions;
  • The controversial requirement to pre-approve workscopes as a condition for MR claims;
  • The imposition of strict claim procedures after events;
  • Repayment of MR following a total loss
  • Lessor’s contribution to events’ cost;
  • Lessee’s reporting requirements; and
  • Lessor AD cost sharing.
14:45 High yield mid-age aircraft lease and technical risks

  • Technical risks (Aircraft acquisition, preparation, technical management, engine restauration, legal risks, etc.)
  • First-hand experience in investing in mid-age aircraft. Business case
15:25 Aircraft redelivery Management

  • Budgeting for redeliveries
  • Efficient transitions to subsequent lessee
  • Redelivery process potential pitfalls
16:15 Chairman’s closing remarks

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