19th-20th March 2019 | Grand Ballroom, Conrad Hotel, Seoul, South Korea


Wednesday 20th March 2018

School of Aviation Investment, Finance & Leasing – Korea

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08:50 – 09:00 | Welcome

09:00 | Fundamentals of Aircraft Leasing

Who are the players (lessors, lessees, OEMs), what are the assets?  What is the outlook?  Globally, regionally.

09:35 | Aircraft Valuations

Methodology, insights by type, age, region, fundamentals of a/c class (NB, WB)

Anne Correa, mba

10:15 | Financial evaluation and analysis of airlines

Access to financials, industry insights & trends, risk, key metrics, overview of Asia Airlines

Moody’s (name TBD)

10:55 | Break

11:10 | Financing Options for Lessors

Sources, business models, strategies, factors to consider, trends, debt, structured, jolco

DAE (name TBD)

11:50 | Fleet Planning and Financing Strategies for Airlines

Sources, business models, strategies, factors to consider, trends

KPMG (name TBD)

12:20 | Managing Risks in Aircraft Financing

Credit, asset, structural (finance type)

Konrad Blocher, Goshawk

13:00 | Lunch

14:00 | Engines types, methodology

ELFC (name TBD)

14:45 | Forecasting & Maintenance

Methodology, trends, impact

15:30 | Break

15:45 | What is the Capetown Convention

What is it, how does it impact you, how does it help, how does it not

Eugene Yeung, Pilsbury  

16:30 | Tax consideration and implications

Picking jurisdictions and why, how tax affects those decisions

17:15 | Closing Remarks

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