28th-30th May 2019 | The Pillar Hall, Olympia London


Airline Economics Aero Engine Trading Leasing & Finance Conference 2019

The Pillar Hall, Olympia

Wednesday 29th May 2019

08:00 | Registration Open/Morning refreshments

09:30 | Opening of conference – Chairman opening remarks

09:35 | Engine market overview & outlook

10:20 | Keynote

10:55 | Morning break

11:15 | Engine lessor panel 1

12:00 | Engine OEM panel

13:00 | Lunch

14:00 | Spare engines & engine pooling

Demand for spare engines in 2019 and the medium-term outlook

14:45 | Maintenance reserves / return conditions panel

With panellist from airline maintenance managers and fleet managers a bank and a lessor debating the impact of not having these conditions in good times and during a downturn.

15:30 | Legal Panel

Legal problems surrounding engine trading leasing & finance – data ownership & IP protection, transferability questions and jurisdiction limitations – All recent developments highlighted.

16:15 | Mid & late life aircraft investment exit strategies – it is all about the engine

17:00 | Chairman closing remarks – close of day one

18:00 – 19:00 | Pre-dinner drinks

19:15 | The Aviation 100 European Awards Annual Dinner

The Grand Hall, Olympia

Thursday 30th May 2019

08:00 | Registration Open/Morning refreshments

09:30 | Chairman opening remarks for day 2

10:20 | Engine PMA & DER Panel debate

What roll do PMA and DER parts have to play in the market at this time – Is market penetration for DER and/or PMA increasing, declining or static. Will an uncertain world economy and a large airline owned mid/late life global fleet lead to more demand for PMA and DER parts?

10:55 | Morning break

11:15 | Engine lessor panel 2

12:00 | New and Midlife (Overall) aircraft market dynamics from the engine market perspective

Technical issues in the market and what their downline value and industry effects are: New aircraft deliveries, from 787 through to A320Neo and 737Max are suffering from delays and AOG events due to problems with new technology – What is this in turn doing to mid-life aircraft values and lease extension prospects and what if oil prices rise? Can airlines withstand these problems, is this beneficial to lessors?  Are airlines becoming upset when aircraft on lease change hands through sale / sale through ABS etc?

13:00 | Lunch

14:05 | Power by the hour options, benefits and pitfalls

14:45 | Engine valuations and appraisals

With so many mid/late life ABS closings of late it is essential that clear understanding of engine asset valuations is sought and given at all times to investors. How do engine values evolve, what are the key drivers of valuations and what can impact an engine valuation both beneficially and detrimentally?

15:30 | Financing Engines / Engines as assets

Exploring key drivers for engine selection criteria, risk mitigation, technical Vs commercial risk. Also looking at OEM delays and the effect on the market and on engine choice and the impact this will have when the current fleet delivering and on order reaches mid-life. What will production of 60+ aircraft per month in the here and now do to values in 8-12 years’ time?

16:15 | Closing Debate: The future of Engine leasing

Where is engine leasing headed?

How does the intelligent engine benefit asset owners and managers? Are they able to see the full data from intelligent engines> We are at a crossroads with Airbus and Boeing stating that production might increase to a huge 70 aircraft each per month – What impact will that have? Many A330 and 777-300ER aircraft are coming onto the market – what is the effect for the mid-term? Will engine leasing have to evolve or are current engine lessors well positioned for market dominance. Will political and economic risks prevent assets entering some key markets in the mid-term?

17:00 | Chairman closing remarks

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